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The area

Le Commandeur is situated on the edge of the Dunes of Texel National Park. A beautiful setting right on the picturesque village of Den Hoorn. In the immediate vicinity you can find the Horsmeertjes, Geul and Petten nature preserves where you can go hiking and enjoy nature. The beautiful Wadden Sea is also a must, which is officially on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


In the village Den Hoorn there are a variety of restaurants – from Theater Restaurant Klif 12 to the culinary delights of Whiskey Bar Restaurant Het Kompas, or enjoy the sunset on the beach at "Paal 9".

In the summer there is a street fair every Thursday with lovely booths and fun activities such as ring-tilting. The annual agricultural day also takes place in the village. Here you can find more cozy booths and events such as horse, cattle and bird judging and an old tractor and agricultural show.


>  Approx. 3km from the beach, forest and harbour

>  5 km from Den Burg, where you can enjoy a day of shopping or relax on a terrace.

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